Make your 2020 Greener One Step at a Time

Conversations surrounding global warming, climate change and fossil fuels are all part of what many consider to be the most important crisis that the world is facing today. The Earth’s average temperature has been increasing much more rapidly; in turn this sadly impacts our environment which has already had observable effects.

Although it may be up to the higher powers that be, for serious change in regards to fossil fuels and deforestation, we as the consumer may be able to kick-start the change by considering the amount of waste that passes through our homes.

Plastic is one of the largest contributors to global warming, from its production to how it’s disposed; reusing what plastic we currently possess and making room for more conscious choices in future may only seem to be a small contribution to tackling climate change however it’s a small step in the right direction.

What Can We Do?

Here at Charlies we have suggested a few eco-friendly substitutes for everyday items to give you a head start to a greener 2020.

Food For Thought

Although convenient, the rolls of foil and cling film that keep your lunch and leftovers fresh, is not as sustainable as you think; cling film is a single use plastic and cannot be recycled and although aluminium is considered to be 100% recyclable its manufacturing uses a lot of energy and produces even more CO2.

We have come up with some alternatives that won’t break the bank;

  • Perfect for packed lunch – we have a variety of airtight storage boxes to keep your lunch and leftovers fresh and compostable sandwich bags too
  • No more cling film – Leave leftovers in the dish and pop a handy Zeal self-sealing lid over the top. Half used onions and avocados also have an easy storage option with the Food Huggers Silicone covers.
  • Savvy Shopping – Buy loose produce, with the range of vegetable bags we have to offer; less plastic and they also look quite nice too!
  • It’s a Wrap – the one that does it all. Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable and eco-friendly storage option to cut out plastic all together. Made with organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax and other all natural ingredients these wraps can be reused and washed for up to 1 year. From cheese to meat, sandwich wraps to dish covers these convenient little squares will keep everything fresh.

Quench your Thirst

A quick visit to the coffee shop in the morning or a bottle of water from the supermarket at lunch; a convenient and easy way to keep hydrated on the go so it would seem, however the disposable cups and the plastic water bottles are not the most convenient thing to dispose of.

Although the paper exterior makes the disposable coffee mugs look eco-friendly the insides are coated in a film of plastic; sadly this film is unable to be separated from the paper cup making it non-recyclable. So why not save money, time and plastic waste in the mornings by using a reusable/travel coffee cup. We offer many stylish designs of travel mug to keep your mornings convenient and eco-friendly.

While most plastic bottles are “recyclable,” few are actually recycled. We have a variety of water bottles in gorgeous colours that will keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Grow Green

With the summer season fast approaching, keeping your plants and garden hydrated is something that may be top of your list. Catch the spring showers with a water butt and reuse the rainwater for your garden growing needs; rainwater is soft water which is perfect for flourishing plants as there are no harsh chemicals. The more rainwater you use the less demand there will be on local water supply; water that isn’t being diverted into overworked water systems remains in the lakes and river­s to sustain fish, birds and other wildlife. Many of our water butts are also made from recycled materials too!

Convenience is Key

Sorting your waste into different bins with specific colours and bags can feel like more hassle than it’s worth; if your kitchen bin is close by it’s sometimes too convenient to chuck something in the bin without thinking about whether it could be recycled or not.

We have a selection Eco-bins that help make life a little easier on bin day; featuring different compartments to separate your rubbish  these bins will  not only help you to recycle but it will reduce your general waste too.


Being completely eco-friendly and sustainable in everyday life is much easier said than done however if we all do our bit, whether big or small, it’s helping the planet in some way.