Adventure awaits in your home away from home

Whether you’re planning to go on an adventurous or a relaxing camping holiday this year, it’s always good to be prepared. From essentials to added luxuries, as well as handy items that you may not have thought of, we’ve created a simple checklist to ensure that your camping experience is the best it can be.



  1. The Tent

A tent is obviously the most important part of a camping trip but more importantly what tent is best for you? Do you prefer a home from home or are you after convenience over comfort? With hundreds of tents to choose from the easiest way to narrow it down is to choose by type and size; are you a family of 5 looking to go on a campsite holiday or a lone adventurer hiking in the hills?

Shop by tent type

Tunnel Tents – A popular design with new models, tunnel tents are often the most spacious as they often have separate compartments and extension pieces available to ensure your space is well organised; this makes them perfect for large families or big groups.

Dome Tents – Dome tents usually have a main room as well as a bedroom or too. Not as spacious as a tunnel tent but perfect for couples and smaller groups, these tents will allow you to keep your space organised.

Pop up Tents – Minimal assembly for maximum enjoyment; pop-up tents are great for the summer seasons best for children and small groups.

Shop by tent size

Although tents are sized by quantity it’s always best to go 1 or 2 berth larger to ensure you have enough space for belongings and living space too.

1-2 Man Tents
3-4 Man Tents
5-6 Man Tents
7-10 Man Tents

  1. Sleeping Bags

The two main things to remember when buying a sleeping bag is the time of year you’re planning to use it, as well as what you would find the most comfortable. From single to double, thick to thin and adult to children size, there are a lot of sleeping bags to choose from.

Sleeping Bag Shapes

Mummy – Slim in design this shape ensures you’re snug and cosy, usually made as singles to ensure maximum heat retention.

Envelope – A lot more versatile and great for many seasons, the envelope design is available in both single and double and the full zip allows you to use as a blanket too.




If amenities are too far away or you just want to have an authentic camping experience, ensuring you have the right equipment and storage for scrumptious meals is super important.

1. Camping Chef

With camping becoming a more popular choice for a holiday, there are many more heat sources available than your traditional log fire. Meals in the outdoors can be much more versatile and exciting; with portable hot plates and gas stoves to kettles and barbecues, you can easily create your favourite dishes.

2. Storage and Space

Keeping your food as fresh as possible is a major factor when going camping; we offer a variety of easy-to-carry cool boxes that will keep your food at its best and will also help you save space in the smallest of tents. If bringing a whole food shop is not the most convenient for your trip, we also offer a variety of delicious and hearty meals in a handy pouches.

Eating from 1 pot and using the cup from your flask is always a convenient way to dine in the outdoors, however if you have a bit more space or you need a little luxury a variety of cooking and dining sets are available. Have a home from home kitchen with lightweight and easy to clean bamboo cutlery to space saving pot and pan collections.

3. Convenient Counter Space

If you have a little extra space to spare why not go all out and get a kitchen camping unit or a foldable side table; preparing food will be easier and so will the clean-up leaving more time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.




If you enjoy your home comforts, why not take them on holiday too. Upgrade your tent with a few little luxuries to ensure your camping experience is enjoyable for the whole family.

With wet weather meaning dirty wellies and damp clothing and warm weather meaning deck chairs or barbecues you need enough space to store it. Many tents have matching extension pieces available so that you can keep your living space clutter free. If an extension is not for you but you prefer to have a little more privacy, windbreakers are always convenient as they are easy to carry too.

If a comfortable night’s sleep is what you’re after why not add a camping mat or upgrade to a full blow up mattress. Single and double, 2 tier or self-inflating we have a variety of bedding options to ensure your slumber is perfect.

If you have a large group of people or you enjoy meals with the whole family furniture is always a great addition to your pitch. Even if space is precious there is a lot of foldable pieces that are easy to transport and store. Having a dining area is great for getting everyone together and a comfy chair is always nice when the kids have gone to bed and you fancy winding down with a beverage in hand.




In the UK we are more than aware that the weather is unpredictable, so it’s hard to make sure you’re prepared. Layering your clothes with fleeces, hoodies and t-shirts is always best as you’re always dressed for warm or cool weather.  Waterproofs and wellies are an essential for camping as getting your clothing dry after a downpour is not always convenient in a tent.

If you do have a little space to spare and the sun decides to come out, putting your clothes on a practical rotary airer is the easiest way to keep everything dry. Made for convenience we have a variety of airers that are perfectly lightweight and easy to travel with.

You will also be doing a lot of walking whether that be up a mountain or to a café so comfortable walking shoes can also be a handy addition to your wardrobe; having 1 pair of shoes will save much needed space.


Ever arrived at your destination and said to yourself “I could have done with…” or “I could fix that if I had…” well here is some small items that could become useful during your camping adventures.

  • A bottle/tin opener – as fresh food can be hard to travel with, tins and bottles are a must have; making sure you’re able to open them however is the most important.
  • Towels – if no space is available for your plush and soft bath towel a great alternative is a microfibre one; small for storage and convenient to carry these super absorbent towels are great if you’re near a beach too
  • Spares & Repairs – Having a repairs kit is very handy, if there’s a rip in your tent or a pole has broken in the wind it’s better to have a temporary fix rather than it ruin your holiday
  • First Aid – Whether you’re camping in the middle of nowhere or are on a campsite with the whole family, having a first aid kit is always a must.
  • The WC – Especially great for little campers, having a portable toilet for the night is always convenient
  • Lighting – Whether it’s for telling spooky stories or venturing to and from the toilets in the evening, a torch or lantern will ensure you don’t trip over hidden guy ropes or step in a large puddle.


You’re all set for your next camping adventure but if you’re in need of more inspiration be sure to check out our Camping and Outdoors section here. Happy Camping!