Create the Perfect Space for a Restful Sleep

Struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution that will last past January; how about looking at your sleep routine?

After the festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year, your sleep schedule is more than likely in disarray.  Sleep is an essential part to maintaining your physical/mental health and wellbeing so ensuring that you get just the right amount and the most comfortable night’s sleep is always important.

Although many say that 6-7 hours is the perfect amount of sleep, everyone is different. So, whilst you figure out a time schedule that fits your lifestyle we have come up with a few ideas from A-ZZZZ to make the new routine a little easier and your bedroom a little comfier.


Freshen Up with Furniture


Whether it’s a new bed frame to tie in with your décor or a refresh of bedding to make your slumber even more dreamy we have a variety of options that may help with your new resolution.

Adding new furniture into a room can help lighten the space and make it feel like new without having to pop open a tin of paint. Why not renew the focal point to your bedroom for the New Year with a new bed frame and practical furniture to match.

With bright white modern designs, country-esque solid oak structures and Scandi style pieces too, we are sure to have something that will be the missing piece to your Décor’

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Duvet Sets For Days


If you’ve found the furniture that is perfect for your style it’s only right that you ensure the bedding will match.

Whether cosiness is key or convenience for laundry is a winner, we have plenty of designs and colours that will ensure you are engulfed in the perfect bundle of bedding.

What would help me sleep?

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Mattress Matters


If you and your mattress need an extra layer of support and softness our Dreamtime Mattress Toppers allow you to experience the luxurious qualities that any foam mattress has to offer. Over time the topper will mould around your body to ensure you are being supported whilst your sleep; getting out of bed may be slightly harder but you will feel much more refreshed. We also have a matching pillow too.

Warmth in the winter nights is also a must have and what’s better than getting into a nice warm bed. Our variety of electric blankets will take the chill off the sheets before you settle into your slumber.


Create the perfect atmosphere.


1. Swap Screen Time for Sleep Time –

Blue light emitted by the technology that we rely on throughout the day will affect the quality of sleep you’re about to have.

How to stop this?

  • Set your alarm for the morning and then leave your phone the other side of the room – his will help you get out of bed.

If you are brave enough to leave your phone in a different room completely, we have plenty of alarm clocks that can help you keep your resolution and get you up and out in the morning.

2. Keep your Body in Check –

Stay hydrated – nothings worse than feeling thirsty in the middle of the night so to save waking yourself up by stubbing to the kitchen, be prepared with a water bottle on the bedside table.

Body & Room Temperature – A room too hot can make a sleep restless but a room too cold can make it hard to drop off; it’s always handy to have a heater or a fan whatever the season.

3. A Spa like Slumber –

Darkness in an essential for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep; a sleep routine that includes a gradually darkening environment can help.

Lights down Cosy Up – Complete darkness is probably not the most convenient environment when getting ready for bed however dimming the amount of light you are exposed to by using a lamp or some fairy lights can benefit; they also add designer touch to your interior.

Scent for Sleep – Unwind from a busy day with the soothing glow from a scented candle; choose your favourite fragrance to create a therapeutic atmosphere in your room. Lavender is recognised as a fragrance that can promote a healthy sleep as it slows your heart rate, relaxes your muscles and reduces stress.

4. Declutter and Destress –

Reminders for the day ahead and clutter that you have no place for can disturb your sleep more than you think. Even though mess or clutter can be ignored throughout the day it can sometimes unconsciously cause stress before bed, as our brain interprets visual stimuli as tasks that need to be completed.

Create a sanctuary for sleep by decluttering your room with our convenient household storage options;

  • Organise paperwork into drawers for easy access when needed,
  • Out of season clothing can be vacuum packed away to create more wardrobe space,
  • Laundry baskets can keep you from putting clothing onto the floor or chair to deal with another day
  • Items that you can’t find a home for can be put into storage boxes for easy organisation

We hope this guide helps you to renew your sleep for the New Year, however if the resolution doesn’t last and is harder said than done you can always resort to a strong mug of coffee to get your mornings started!