Lawn Care Tips!

When we think about summer we think about how we can’t wait to get out in the garden and invite our friends and family round for a barbecue in our glorious green garden. To make sure our garden is as glorious and green as we imagine we need to make sure we prepare our lawn beforehand.

Here’s our top tips on how to make sure you have a lovely lawn when it comes to summer time:


The most important lawn care job for a fantastic lawn is correct and regular mowing. You need to cut the grass whenever it is growing – which is likely to be weekly or even more frequently as the weather warms up.

Make sure you sharpen the blade on your mower. A dull blade will tear the grass, rather than cut it which can end in your lawn turning a dull brown colour.

Your first mow should be done on a lower setting, this is so sun, nutrients and water can get to the base of your grass. We suggest starting at 1.5 inches, then every 1-2 weeks raise your mower height until it is around 2 1/2 to 3″ high.

Don’t mow too short – this weakens the grass which means you’re more likely to get weeds and moss.


Your lawn would have been through a lot throughout the cold winter so feeding the grass the right lawn feed is important to give your grass the boost it needs to make it greener, grow thicker and increase it’s strength.

We suggest feeding your grass at the beginning of spring to give your lawn a head start and again during late spring to help it as it hits its peak growing season.

 EverGreen Complete 4 in 1  is a great feed that will give you a greener, thicker lawn in just 7 days! It will help the lawn resist heat and drought throughout the summer.


Weeds and moss can be a real pain and stop you from enjoying your lawn so much. A strong, healthy lawn will be able to deal better with fighting off weeds and moss.

Westland Lawn Master Natural Moss Remover & Feed is great to control moss in the lawn during spring, as well as getting a green and thicker lawn.

For a lawn feed plus weed control the Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food plus Weed Control is a perfect solution.


Where grass has been damaged and is growing sparsley you may need to over seed. Sowing grass seed can rejuvenate your lawn and bring it back to life, it will also reduce the amount of weeds and moss. Mid-spring is a suitable time to do this, as well as early autumn.

To do this break up the surface with a fork or rake and sow the recommended amount of grass seed. Lightly rake over to incorporate the seed into the surface. Grass should sprout 7-10 days after sowing.

Johnsons Quick Lawn Seed with Growmax has a growmax dressing that improves establishment for a lush lawn in less time. It’s also a great feed for keeping weeds and moss away.


Aerating the lawn helps relieve compaction and let air circulate around the root system so that nutrients and water can reach the roots.

The Gardeners Mate Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator is a good value aerator that removes plugs of soil from the ground to allow air and moisture to penetrate in to the roots.