Prepare your garden for Autumn

Prepare your Garden for Autumn
The foundations to your perfect summer garden are very much laid in the autumn. With cooler weather on the horizon, now is the time to tidy up for a neat winter and give yourself a spring head start.

Here are our top tips for getting your garden autumn ready:

Lawn Care
It’s often thought best to leave lawn care until the following year ‘when the weather is better’, however an easier way to ensure for a luscious green lawn in the spring, is to prepare for it in the autumn.

The Clear Up
With the weather cooling down and everything tuning into a beautiful sea of orange, a carpet of autumnal leaves may look like the ultimate October setting but sadly it’s no good for your grass. Thatching could prevent healthy growth so you’ll need to clear off the leaves and remove the moss and debris to improve drainage and allow light to the lawn.
From leaf blowers and rakes to help gather the leaves, to gloves to keep your hands warm and dry, we have a selection of tools that may help make light work of the clear up; take a look by clicking here. A garden composter such as this one from Zest 4 Leisure is the best way to help with your tidying and give you the most nutrient rich soil come springtime.

The Spruce Up
If, after the dry weather, your law is looking a little sorry for itself, you can easily spruce it up by spreading a feed/fertiliser over it; take a look at our autumnal range of lawn feed here and we even have a range of spreaders to give you a helping hand. At this time of year, it’s great to get a feed that is full of phosphate and potash to give your grass strong roots that will develop a heathy lawn.
Although autumn is known for rainy and dewy weather it’s important that you keep an eye on the rainfall; if it’s under an inch of rainfall the grass roots may benefit from an extra watering too.
Aerate your lawn to avoid waterlogging and reduce compaction. It will also help nutrients reach the soil which will give you a fuller, more luscious carpet in the spring. To do this you can use a fork or a handy aerator – just put it in as far as you can and wiggle it around. Do this every 10 / 15 cms or so across the lawn.
Make sure that your last mow before winter is cut to the right height – around 2 to 3 inches. Too short and the grass leaves could go into shock, making it harder to absorb sunlight and it’ll likely spend the spring recovering. A quality lawnmower will help you judge the height and achieve an even trim; we stock many height adjustable mowers, take a look here.

Autumn Planting for a Spring Bloom
Although the air is getting cooler, the ground and soil is still lovely and warm; the perfect habitat to produce strong and healthy roots. Daffodil, tulip, snowdrop, iris and crocus are some of our favourite bulbs to plant at the moment and will be sure to brighten your garden like nothing else come the spring. Planting spring bulbs is an easy job, but to help you along your way we have some quality garden hand tools from favourite gardening brands.
Other than tools for the perfect planting job, it’s essential the soil is healthy too so removing the debris and feeding the soil will create the optimum habitat for your bulbs to bloom. We have a variety of feeds to help enhance growth and health of your plants and vegetables; find the right feed by clicking here.

Feathered friends will come flocking
Look after your feathered friends this season as natural food sources are known to be sparse. Not only will this help them throughout the cold weather but it will add some colour and joy to your garden as they make a flying visit.
To survive through the winter, birds need high energy by building up their fat reserves; you can help by adding more fats into the usual feed and we have a variety of ways you can introduce it to their diet, from suet balls to fat snax we have many types and sizes to suit your garden visitors. Just make sure to keep them away from cats and squirrels by hanging feed stations from trees or bird tables.
Autumnal showers are also unpleasant for birds who are looking for the perfect meal so they’d be grateful for a little shelter too. If you invest in a quality table with a sturdy roof or a cosy bird box now then they’ll have plenty of time to get used to it before nesting season kicks off in the spring.

With a variety of tips and solutions to prepare you for this autumn season, you’re sure to have a gorgeous garden space whatever the weather.