The Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

This weekend (26th – 28th January) the annual Big Garden Birdwatch will take place across the UK.

The data collected from the birdwatch helps the RSPB monitor trends and understand how our birds are doing.

Last year an incredible 6,764,475 birds were spotted in the annual survey and this year, in their 40th year, they’re hoping for even more.

With that being said, here are our top tips for getting involved:

  • Find a good spot to watch the birds from for an hour.

Find somewhere nice and comfy but with a good view of where you’re hoping to spot them. The RSPB recommends (and we happen to agree wholeheartedly with them) on a good cup of tea (or coffee!) and some biscuits to fuel your counting.

  • Get some paper to jot down what you’ve seen

The RSPB also has a tool to help you keep track.
Count the highest number of bird you see at any one time. The same bird may land more than once so doing it this way will mean you’re less likely to double-count the same birds.

Visit the RSPB website HERE to find out more