How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s so exciting choosing a Christmas tree now.  There is such a great variety of trees to enjoy, whether for one year only with a beautiful real tree or for year after year with our gorgeously natural looking artificial trees.  With guarantees lasting up to 12 years long, the cost per year for an artificial tree is impressive.  Then again, for every real tree that we sell (real trees available in store only) £2 is donated to the Air Ambulance.  There are only good choices!

Here at Charlies we love choosing the right tree for our customers in store. Here are our secrets to choosing the perfect tree for you too.


Just like buying houses, the most important thing to think about with Christmas trees is location, location, location!  Where are you going to put your tree?  If you want to use it outdoors then make sure that the tree you buy is suitable for outdoor use.  It’s that simple, but it’s key.


Where in that location are you going to put your tree?  If its outdoors, measure the width of the space available and work out what height will best work in proportion to the other items in your garden.  If you are going to put it indoors measure the height and the width that fits your space, making sure to leave a couple of feet at the top of the tree for your tree topper to go on!  It’s fine if your space is narrow, there are plenty of gorgeous slender artificial trees this season.

Tip: if you have a tree in mind and are not sure how the width will work, make a paper circle the diameter of the tree, put it in position where you plan for your tree to go and live with it for a few days.  See whether you can move easily around it and it works for you in that space before you commit.


What look will you want?  If you’re looking at artificial trees think about not just this Christmas but future Christmases too.  It’s important to choose something that works for you for as long as you use it. Consider the look that you want for your entire room, house or garden to get the best from your tree.  Look on the internet (Pinterest is a great place to look), in shops or garden centres to get ideas and tips to develop the look that you love. Our range covers modern minimalist through to full bushy traditional trees including flocked trees that look beautifully wintry, funky trees with fibre optic lights, natural looking green trees that you can tweak year after year to suit your style. When it comes to natural – or natural looking artificial trees – do you prefer spruce, pine or fir? For the most realistic look from an artificial tree consider a ‘Feel Real’ tree.  The branch tips are moulded from real tree branches and are crush resistant, for an authentic live tree appearance time and time again.

Ease of use

One of the great things about artificial trees is how light and easy they can be to put up, take down, move and store. Some trees even have lights and decorations already incorporated, perfect for people with limited time or mobility.  Some branches slot in individually, the easiest trees to assemble and dismantle now come with hinged sections , usually three or less pieces to fit together.  If you need something lightweight to move then consider a slim tree which will weigh less than a bushy tree. For a really easy way to add a Christmas tree to your home consider a pre-lit or pre-decorated tree where you can simply enjoy it straight away!

Make it last

Whether you have a real tree or artificial tree, you’ll want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible.  Real trees can be looked after more easily with pots like the ‘Needle Stop’ tree watering pots which reduce needle drop by up to 70%. Artificial trees will stay in peak condition when stored with care after use, and as cardboard boxes can deteriorate, experts recommend a good quality Christmas tree storage bag.


An artificial Christmas tree is a purchase that you will enjoy for years. Experts advise that you buy the best that you can afford.  We’re a family business and we know that the best Christmas memories come from enjoying the day, not from worrying about overspending! So assess what price works for you before buying. All of our Christmas trees are gorgeous and will be a fabulous festive touch in your home or garden.  For trees that represent incredible value over the length of their lives consider the Kaemingk Everlands artificial trees with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee as standard, which can be extended free of charge within 2 months to an incredible 12 year manufacturer guarantee.  When you calculate the price per year of these gorgeous trees over 12 years they really do represent incredible value.

Whichever fabulous tree you choose, all of us at Charlies wish you a very Merry Christmas!