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Zest Outdoor Living

Outstanding specialists within the wooden garden furniture business, Zest Outdoor Living have been designing and manufacturing gorgeous garden furniture for over 35 years. Zest are true wood specialists and craft this stunning natural material into innovative garden products which combine comfort, style and easy-build convenience.

Whether you’re looking to relax, entertain, or socialise, Zest know how important your own outdoor space is, and so no matter the outdoor space, they ensure their products are made to the highest quality. Although their main aim is to offer brilliant wooden garden furniture at affordable prices, Zest still keeps sustainability at the top of their agenda.

They believe passionately in doing best by the environment and so they use FSC®-C114990 certified slow-grown softwood, expertly selected for beauty and durability.

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    • Zest Outdoor Living Clifton Gazebo
    • Why Choose Zest

      Whether it’s a traditional yet timeless picnic table, a gorgeous arbour where you can escape with your favourite novel, or a stunning arch that’s sure to make a statement, Zest have created furniture that’s not only desirable in terms of quality and appearance, they have something to suit every outdoor space.


      Zest are proud to keep sustainability at the forefront of their ethos and so source all of their timber from responsibly-managed forests. Zest use slow-grown softwood which has been FSC certified and is as dense and strong and unblemished as any hardwood. Committed to conservation, the FSC assures that wood carrying its logo has come from a forest where ecological, social and economic aspects have been considered.


      Zest, with its main supply partners in Eastern Europe, is dedicated to re-planting and nurturing woodland habitat and is collaborating on planting schemes and the nurture of wildlife habitats in Europe and the UK as well as working hard to ensure 100% recyclability and reusability of their packaging by 2024. 


      Zest USPs

Zest Outdoor Living Ranges

  • Sturdy, practical and perfect for growing vegetables in your very own garden. Whether you're growing carrots, potatoes, or an array of different veggies, the Zest Deep Root Planter can hold up to 500 litres of soil and is the perfect height to not have to worry about bending down to tend to your crops.

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  • Available in 2 and 3 seater sizes, the Emily Bench is a must-have piece of garden furniture if you’re looking to add some sturdy, traditional seating to your outdoor space. Designed with comfort in mind, the Emily Bench is a versatile product that will complement any garden setting beautifully.

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  • Eye-catching and with outstanding design and construction qualities, the Zest Outdoor Living Horizon Arch imparts valuable height and structure to any garden. It features a pergola timber roof with 12mm thick diamond trellis panel sides, over which climbing plants such as honeysuckle and clematis can attractively grow.

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  • Arguably one of Zest's most popular pieces, the Lily Relax Seat is the perfect piece of garden furniture to sit back in and make the most of your garden. The ergonomic design of the lower seat, angled back and wide armrests make this chair exceptionally comfortable, whilst the FSC certified timber will withstand the test of time.

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  • A stunning focal feature with an adjustable spanning width of up to 2m,, the Twilight Arch will look great positioned near the entrance to the back lawn or garden path and it's guaranteed to be the perfect welcome. It’s ideal for growing the most beautiful climbing pants and adding some colour to your garden.

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  • Designed so you can enjoy your garden no-matter what the weather, the beautiful Dorset Arbour from Zest Outdoor Living is sure to be an investment you will not regret. Detailed with an elegant sloped roof and pretty diamond trellis, it’s the perfect place to sit back to enjoy your favourite book or a peaceful drink in the sunshine.

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