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  1. Johnston & Jeff Selected Wild Bird Food - 12.75kg
    Johnston & Jeff Selected Wild Bird Food - 12.75kg
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  2. Johnston & Jeff Dried Mealworms – 100g
    Johnston & Jeff Dried Mealworms – 100g
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362 Products

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Bird & Wildlife Care

Your One-Stop Shop for Bird & Wildlife Care: Quality Bird Seed, Feed, and More!

Are you a nature enthusiast who loves to invite feathered friends into your garden? At Charlies, we share your passion for Bird and Wildlife Care. As your trusted supplier, we offer a wide range of top-quality Bird Seed, Bird Feed, and Essential Bird Equipment to create a haven for our avian and wild neighbors. For top tricks and tips why not read our Wild Bird Care Guide?

Our Premium Bird Seed and Feed Selection

Nyger Seed & Sunflower Hearts: Sunflower hearts are a favourite among birds, packed with essential nutrients and oils. They're a no-mess option that attracts a variety of species to your garden.

Peanuts: A classic choice for attracting birds like blue tits and woodpeckers, our peanuts are high in protein and energy, keeping your garden visitors happy and healthy.

Suet/Fat Balls: Suet and fat balls are a winter essential. They provide a vital source of energy during colder months and are a treat that many birds adore.

Trusted British Brands

We understand the importance of quality when it comes to bird care. That's why we stock well-known British brands like Gardman, Johnston & Jeff, and National Trust. These brands have a long-standing reputation for excellence in bird and wildlife products, ensuring that you're getting the best for your garden visitors.

Essential Bird Feeding Equipment

Apart from premium bird feed and seed, we offer a wide selection of essential equipment to enhance your bird-watching experience:

Bird Feeders: Choose from a variety of feeders that cater to different bird species and styles, from hanging feeders to ground-level options.

Bird Boxes: Create cosy homes for birds to nest in, helping them thrive in your garden.

Feed Bins & Scoops: Keep your feeding stations clean and organised with our convenient scoops.

Feeding Tables: Elevate your bird-feeding setup with feeding tables that provide a safe and attractive dining spot for your avian friends.


When is the best time to feed the birds?

The perfect time to start feeding birds depends on your location and the local climate. Generally, bird feeding can be done year-round, but there are some specific considerations for each season:

Autumn: Late summer to early fall is an excellent time to start bird feeding, as natural food sources may become scarcer. Birds start to prepare for colder months and will appreciate a reliable food source.

Winter: Winter is one of the most critical times to provide food for birds. Cold temperatures and reduced natural food availability can make it challenging for birds to find enough nourishment. Starting bird feeding in late autumn and continuing through the winter months is highly beneficial.

Spring: Bird feeding can be continued into spring. During this time, birds are busy nesting and raising their young, so providing a consistent source of food can be helpful for adult birds as they search for food to feed their chicks.

Summer: In many regions, natural food sources are abundant during the summer, so bird feeding may not be as essential. However, you can still offer bird feed and seed to attract specific species or if you enjoy watching birds year-round.


It's essential to monitor the bird feeders and adapt your feeding routine based on local conditions. Here are a few additional tips:

Cleanliness: Keep your bird feeders clean to prevent the spread of diseases among birds.

Fresh Food: Make sure the bird seed and feed you offer are fresh. Avoid using moldy or spoiled food.

Consistency: Birds become accustomed to a reliable food source, so try to maintain a consistent feeding schedule.

Water: Along with food, providing a source of clean, unfrozen water is essential, especially in winter.

Seed Variety: Offer a variety of bird seed and feed to attract different bird species to your feeders.

Patience: It may take some time for birds to discover your feeders, so be patient if they don't show up immediately.

By following these guidelines and adapting your bird feeding practices to your local weather and bird species, you can create a welcoming and supportive environment for the birds in your area.


At Charlies we're dedicated to helping you create a thriving habitat for birds and wildlife in your garden. Explore our range of bird seed, feed, and equipment today and join us in nurturing the natural world around us. Your garden can become a sanctuary for both you and the creatures who share it with you.

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