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Pets & Equestrian

At Charlies we believe in taking care of all creatures, great and small, which is why we also offer everything you could possibly need for your dogs, cats, birds, fish, and everything in between.

We know that four-legged friends are like family and so we stock plenty of comfortable dog beds to keep them cosy in their homes. Choose a dog bowl to suit their personality and why not make their day with a tasty treat? From soft to squeaky, every pooch deserves a toy, and when it's time for walkies, don't forget their lead & collar!

Keep your cats purrrfectly content with an array of cat toys & scratchers! With plenty of stylish bowls to choose from to fill with their favourite food, they'll soon need somewhere cosy to curl up and take that cat nap so don't forget an inviting cat bed.

From canaries to cockatiels, we stock the right bird food for your feathered friend as well as everything you need for smaller creatures such as hamsters, rabbits and guniea pigs.

As well as household pets, here at Charlies, we stock a huge range of Equestrian products.

From saddlery and rugs to horsecare, stable & yard accessories and clothing for the rider, we have everything needed to get both you and your horse kitted out in style.

We offer a number of saddlepads & numnahs in a whole host of different styles and sizes, so whether you’re opting for something eye-catching to steal the show, or prefer a more understated look, there’s a style to suit you and your horse. Look every bit the part by purchasing one of our headcollars & leadropes – designed with your horse’s comfort in mind, whilst still maintaining a stylish look.  We have several lunging & training aids to gently encourage your horse, and plenty of spurs and straps and boots and bandages to choose from so you can find the perfect mix of style and comfort.

Our huge selection of rugs includes hundreds of leading brands such as Shires, Weatherbeeta and LeMieux.  Whether it’s turnout rugs to make sure your horse stands out from the crowd at a show, or a stable rug to keep them warm on cooler evenings at home, we offer all varieties in several different sizes, shapes and patterns.

We know that your horse’s comfort is the number one priority, which is why we also offer a selection of fleeces and sheets to add an extra layer to keep them warm on particularly chilly days, as well as coolers to stop them getting too hot in the summer sun.

Ensure your horse gets the quality care they deserve with our wonderful range of horsecare products. We offer a whole host of supplements that will ensure your horse stays in tip-top condition. Make sure they’re always looking their best too with our clippers and trimmers, brushes and combs, hoof care and shampoo and coat care.

Whether you’re working in the yard or competing, we offer a range of equestrian clothing and footwear for the rider to suit all styles. Whether it’s legwear, base layers, jodhpur boots or wellingtons, you’ll find a great fit for any equestrian occasion.

It’s easy to make your stable a haven for your equine friend with our range of stable and yard accessories – with everything from bedding and buckets to stable fittings and feed.