The leaves are turning golden and starting to fall which means one thing... Autumn is here!

It's the perfect time of year to trim and tidy your garden, get your lawn ready for the year ahead and lend a helping hand to wildlife as the weather gets colder.



As Autumn begins, there's one inevitability that you can always rely on - fallen leaves causing havoc on your lawn!

Whilst the bright colours of the foliage may be beautiful, the last thing you want is to spoil the aesthetic of your perfectly mowed lawn.

  • When mowing, remember to raise your blades and mow less often. If you cut too short, the lawn will have less chance of surviving cold weather.

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  • To save your lawn from looking tired and worn, scarify or rake thoroughly to create holes to allow aeration.

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  • Choose the perfect lawn seed for your garden. Multi-purpose is great for anyone with kids and pets. Luxury seed is for a lawn to be looked at.

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  • Autumn is the ideal time to sow or over-seed lawns. Using a spreader will help with even distribution and a better looking lawn.

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  • Make sure to water the newly laid seed. Water butts are a great way to collect nutrient-rich rainwater to use on dry days.

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  • Once established, feed your lawn with a special Autumn blend of feed to help it withstand any harsh winter weather.

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  • Wildlife

    Care for Critters

    Give your spiny visitors a cosy place to sleep this Autumn with a welcoming hedgehog house tucked into a safe garden nook. Leaving out plenty of hedgehog food will help fatten them up ready for their winter hibernation too!

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  • Feathered Friends

    Feathered Friends

    Lend a helping hand to those beautiful birds that visit your garden by keeping your feeders full. Birds don’t hibernate and so need lots of energy to get them through the colder months, suet feeds are perfect for the job.

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As you pack away your summer shorts and colourful crocs it’s time to don your winter jacket and pop on your wellies to ensure you stay wonderfully warm whilst working in the garden.