Hozelock 1762 EasyClear 4500 Pond Pump

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Hozelock 1762 EasyClear 4500 Pond Pump


The Hozelock EasyClear 4500 is a fully integrated pump that sits discreetly on the ponds surface. Simple to install, it has an independent flow control to adjust the size of both the fountain and waterfall. Equipped with a foam filter to catch waste, the Kaldnes biomedia chamber is beneficial for keeping water clean, whilst the integrated UVC tube will stop green algae. Compact in design for smaller ponds.

  • Suitable For: Small sized ponds
  • Material: Hard wearing plastic outer body
  • Output: 4500 litres per hour
  • Debris Filter: - Anti clog fountain strainer - Integrated foam filters to catch waste particles - 7w UVC to eliminate green water algae - Kaldnes biomedia chamber to accelerate growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Pond Life Friendly: Yes
  • Additional Information: - Easy to install - 3 different head types - Independent flow control to adjust size of the fountain or waterfall - Water bypass allows continued UVC and fountain operation if foam is blocked
  • Model: HZ-1762
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