Keep feathered friends flocking

Wild Bird Care Guide

Bring the birds in with our tasty selection of bird feed, from peanuts and seeds to suet and mealworms, we have a variety of delicious and nutritious feed to suit birds of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a feeder to hang high in the trees, a ground feeder for shyer birds to feast on the floor, a window feeder so you can take a closer look at your garden visitors, or a bird table to create a nice feature at the bottom of the garden...we have feeders for everyone! If you’re wanting to attract some new species or would like to be joined by your favourite feathery friend, read our handy guide on what bird feed to put out in what kind of bird feeders and wait patiently for your new arrivals.

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Bird Feed

  • Peanut bird feed


    Peanuts are a fantastic source of oils and extremely high in energy making them the perfect choice for small birds.

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  • bird seed mix

    Seed Mixes

    Containing high energy oils and plenty of vitamins, seed mixes attract birds of all shapes and sizes into your garden.

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    Nyjer and sunflower seeds provide your garden visitors with a more varied diet. Perfect for treating smaller birds particularly goldfinches!

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    Featuring seeds, almonds and mealworms all held together by a solidified mix of fat, fall balls and suet treats are loved by all kinds of birds… be worn, they won’t last for long!

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    Guranteed to get them coming back for more our selection of mealworms & calciworms are easy to digest and are filled with energy.

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Bird feeders

A wonderful way to attract wild birds to your garden or patio. Perfect for hanging in trees or on feeding stations, our bird feeders come in an array of designs to suit all outdoor spaces. Sit back and watch as the birds flock to devour all their tasty treats!

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No mess vs no grow

One downfall of feeding wild birds is the mess that can be left behind. Discarded husks left on the ground can look unsightly whilst also attracting rats and other vermin. Seeds that fall to the ground can also sprout causing random patches of weeds under the feeders.

Our easy to understand guide will help you find the right bird feed to keep yourself, your garden and your feathered friends happy.

  • Gardman no mess seed mix

    No Mess

    All the ingredients in no mess bird food have been specially selected to carefully create a mix of ingredients that ensure a clean seed mix that is free of husks and germinating seeds to ensure your garden is filled with feathery friends whilst also looking great.

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  • Gardman no grow seed mix

    No Grow

    The seeds in no grow bird food have been husked, flaked or kibbled and on some occassions heat treated, which damages the tissue inside the seed to prevent germination meaning that any leftover seeds will not sprout and grow.

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  • Blackbird

    The Blackbird is a ground-feeding specie that lives happily in gardens and towns. Blackbirds love to eat dried mealworms, suet products, sunflower hearts or black oil sunflower seeds. We recommend feeding off the ground or a bird table.

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  • Blue Tit

    Extremely acrobatic the Blue Tit will hang upside down from branches whilst searching for food. Blue Tits love to eat black oil sunflower seeds, dried mealworms, niger seed, suet products, peanuts and sunflower hearts. Fill feeders and bird tables with these feeds and watch them all flock.

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  • Bullfinch

    A colourful addition to your garden. Despite liking to live in hedges, shrubbery and woodland, the Bullfinch likes to eat sunflower hearts and will happily visit bird tables and hanging feeders when these are on offer!

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  • Chaffinch

    Preferring to hide beneath tables and hedges, Chaffinches tend to forage on the ground or take from bird tables. Chaffinches enjoy niger seed, black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms, suet and peanut granules.

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  • Coal Tit

    The Coal Tit will likely be spotted flying with other types of Tit. The Coal Tit is a shy but active feeder and will often be spotted hanging upside down to try and get its food. You’ll have to be quick to spot them as they tend to take food and hide it until later.

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  • Dunnock

    A private bird, the Dunnock likes to forage on the ground. Fascinating to watch, you may spot them creeping along hedgerows. Dunnocks love to feed on dried mealworms. If you want this little garden visitor, fill a ground feeder or scatter dried mealworms on the floor.

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  • Goldfinch

    The striking, brightly coloured Goldfinch will make a lovely addition to your garden. Goldfinches feed mainly on small seeds, especially nyger seeds and may even throw other seeds out of the way to get to them!

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  • Great Spotted Woodpecker

    The Great Spotted Woodpecker can be spotted hanging from feeders or heard by its distinctive drumming. The Great Spotted Woodpecker feeds extensively on insects, especially mealworms. 

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  • Great Tit

    A regular visitor to the feeder, the Great Tit often uses its relatively large size to fight off smaller birds. This specie enjoys a dried mealworm and a varied diet of invertebrates.

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  • Wren

    One of the most common UK breeding birds, the Wren is tiny and very active! It makes up for its small size with a very loud voice! The Wren enjoys dried mealworms, peanut granules and suet products!

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  • House Sparrow

    Gregarious, loud and partial to a squabble, you’ll know when the House Sparrow arrives in your garden. Easy to feed the House Sparrow enjoys a varied diet and will happily take from feeders, bird tables and the ground.

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  • Nuthatch

    Extremely fascinating to watch, the Nuthatch is the only bird that can run up, down and around tree trunks and branches. Feeding from the ground, bird tables and feeders the the Nutatch is particularly fond of peanuts.

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  • Robin

    Enjoying a varied diet of insects, fruits and seeds, entice Britain’s best-loved bird into your garden by scattering specially formulated Robin food on the ground or in a ground feeder.

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  • Siskin

    Siskin is a small, colourful bird with a distinctive forked tail. When living in the woods, Siskins enjoy feasting on the seeds of trees. To see this feathery friend in your garden we recommend a seed mix in a hanging feeder.

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  • Song Thrush

    Easily identified by the speckling on its chest, this small bird is a prolific singer that is often spotted in woodlands and hedgerows. The song thrush is a ground-feeding bird so is best fed from a ground feeder.

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  • Nuthatch

    With a reputation for squabbling on the bird table, you’ll be sure to hear them in your garden. Their lovely olive green colour also makes them easy to spot. Finches love Niger seeds as they are easily digestible and high in natural oils.

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